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Truck Accidents

How can a Truck Accident Attorney

Help You?


The injuries sustained in a trucking accident can cause more damage than the injuries sustained in an automobile crash. In these types of cases, the claims will commonly be filed against the trucking company, and the driver. These kind of cases can become very complex. It is important to obtain the assistance of an experienced truck accident attorney. A truck accident attorney can help you get the compensation you may be entitled to.

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What To Do After A Crash

Step 1

Call 911 & ask the police to write up a report. 

Florida Attorney Team

Step 3

If you need medical assistance, have the ambulance transport you to a hospital emergency department.

Step 2

Get the information & of the other driver:

  • Name

  • Insurance Info

  • Take a Photo of their driver's license 

Step 4


  • Since it is extremely important that you protect your rights, you should never talk to any insurance adjuster before talking to your attorney.

Step 5

Call us for a Free Consultation. Our attorney is a Tampa Motorcycle Attorney that handles personal injury cases.

Florida Attorney Team
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